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Brian, age 53, and Shannon, age 50, live in Fort Worth, Texas and have been married for 10 years. Brian has two college aged children from his first marriage which ended in divorce. Shannon has a 25-year-old daughter and a three-year-old granddaughter from a previous marriage from which she was widowed.

Brian and Shannon plan to retire when Brian reaches age 65. Currently, they own a two-story home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms valued at $275,000. Neither of them have updated their estate plans or life insurance policies since they have been married to each other.

A custom Retirement Size℠ plan would allow them to sell their home which no longer fits their lifestyle as empty nesters. After purchasing a smaller, one-story home, the leftover equity may be used to purchase Long Term Care Insurance policies. Further, they would receive guidance on:

  • Updating non-probate assets (life insurance, qualified retirement accounts) to reflect each other or their children as beneficiaries.
  • Both estate plans would be updated to reflect their current marriage, Shannon’s new grandchild, and the change in asset ownership following Brian’s divorce.
  • Finally, they would receive help in making the most out of the remaining equity as applied to their current retirement savings strategy.

We can help you consider and implement a custom-made plan which will help you to Retirement Size® at the age best for you. Planning now, rather than later, means more options and a greater degree of success with a Retirement Size® plan.

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